2021 Festive Gifting Guide

2021 Festive Gifting Guide

Each year, when Christmas rolls around, the annual stress sets in – what exactly can you buy everyone? Sure, mum might be easy, but what on Earth do you get for the co-worker you drew in Secret Santa, or your cousin you only see a few times a year? Well, this is where eGift cards provide the perfect solution.

The new e-commerce site Giftz is where you can shop the whole list in one go, with a few quick and easy clicks. Plus, we’ve put together a festive gifting guide to be your trusty sidekick while shopping for all your friends and family.

For Mum and Dad

There are plenty of eGifts cards perfect for parents, but there are none better than the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant gift cards. Give them a night out with a delightful meal and great atmosphere, at a restaurant of their choice with this special gift. Alternatively, you can also get them an Accor Hotels card so they can enjoy an entire evening, and stay somewhere a little bit fancy. After all, mum and dads can always use a bit of spoiling!

For any Kids or Teens

Shopping for anyone out of your age bracket is hard, especially when they’re a younger generation! However, don’t fret as there are eGift cards perfect for kids and teens. There’s one for Binge, where they can enjoy an extensive range of tv shows and movies; Kayo, if they love sports; EB Games, for if they’re into video games; or Rebel, where they can pick up some the latest active wear.

For the Siblings

There may be no better gift for a brother orsister than an eGift card for online shopping. Grab a gift card to Rebel if they’re the sporty type; Bonds if they could use some more socks or jocks; Dymocks if they enjoy a good book, or Sephora for all things skin-care and beauty. Then, they can get the perfect something for themselves from a brand you know they’ll love.

For Cousins

When buying for extended family members, you really can’t go wrong with an eGift card to Village Cinemas or Hoyts. It’s especially perfect for Christmas, as the New Year brings in loads of new flicks to watch, especially Boxing Day . Alternatively, if you’re buying for something who enjoys live events, the Ticketmaster eGift card is a great choice!

For Co-workers / Staff / Office Secret Santa

Not sure what to get the co-worker you were assigned in the office Secret Santa? Or, maybe you have staff to buy for, and not sure what to get everyone? Well, the Redballon eGift Card is the perfect solution, giving an enriching experience of their choice. They then can choose to go out for dinner, a hot air balloon ride, or maybe to a cooking class.

For Friends

When buying for friends, there’s a range of options to choose from, depending on their interests. If they’re into travel and adventure, grab them a Jetstar or Adrenaline eGift card. If they’re more of a homebody, grab them a card to Dusk or Sheridan. If they’re a fan of fashion, there’s cards for Lorna Jane, Bonds, or Rebel. If they’re a gamer, grab them a card for EB Games, Microsoft Xbox Game Pass or Google Play.

For Anyone and Everyone

Still not sure what to get someone? Grab a digital VISA eGift card and let them choose just what they want. Easy peasy!

Avoid Supply Chain Issues This Christmas with eGift Cards

Avoid Supply Chain Issues This Christmas with eGift Cards

Let’s be honest: Christmas shopping can already be a stressful enough endeavour without COVID-affected supply chain issues getting in the way. Just think, you finally find the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for auntie and uncle and then it doesn’t come in time due to delays in the global supply network. Not ideal.

So, here to help take all that hassle away and provide the perfecting gifting solution is eGift cards. So good in fact, we’re pretty sure they’re even on Santa’s list himself.

What’s going on in the supply chain? Well, the manufacturing, production and transporting of goods worldwide has been significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic. Lockdowns and restrictions have slowed down or temporarily stopped the flow of raw materials and finished goods across borders. Plus, transport restraints, such as the availability of sea freight services, have caused major delays in shipping products from country to country. Additionally, some organisations are also suffering staff shortages and losses due to the pandemic, which is present further many challenges to the global supply chain.

This disruption is threatening to stifle some of that jolly gift-giving Christmas joy in Australia where – despite Santa and Rudolph’s best efforts – gifts may not make it in time. Although this affects online shopping, especially from overseas, it also means some consumer products won’t be hitting the shelves at all. No matter how hard the elves in the North Pole work.

Yet the Christmas present spirit is all but lost with eGift Cards available for all on the to-buy-for list. Giftz has all the answers to your gifting-questions with endless opportunities for everyone you need to buy for.

It’s a trend that’s catching on too, with new research from Blackhawk Network finding that of Australian consumers surveyed, 81 per cent plan to give their loved ones a gift card this year instead of a physical gift. This combats any potential delays on stock while allowing the recipient to end up with exactly what they want too. So, everyone’s a winner.

You can choose eGift cards from particular and beloved brands or recipient areas of interest. This includes everything from restaurants, streaming platforms, video games and perfume to active wear, BBQ tools and candles. Basically, there’s an eGift card for every friend, family member and co-worker that you were given in the office Secret Santa.

The gifting trend is steadily increasing in popularity. Blackhawk Network Senior Marketing Director, APAC Marc Cheah claims that the giving of gift cards has increased significantly as Christmas looms and COVID continues to cause supply issues.

“The report noted that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more Australians are opting for the convenience and freedom of choice that gift cards offer for both the purchaser and gift recipient with 41 per cent of consumers planning to buy more gift cards this year, compared with previous years.”

It’s a win for both consumers and retailers too. As Cheah notes, “For online and in-store retailers, this growth in the appeal of gift cards among consumers presents a real opportunity to not only grow revenue from both the sale of gift cards and their redemption after Christmas, but also build customer engagement and brand awareness and advocacy,”

Plus, as business slows down after the Christmas period for retailers in Australia, the use of gift cards in store will give them a much-appreciated boost, which will help to maintain revenue into the new year.

So, take the stress out of Christmas shopping and avoid any supply chain issues by getting your friends, family and loved ones an eGift card. Plus, it’ll mean they can use it to get the gift they really want anyway and everyone can enjoy the Christmas day fun.

Treat yourself this Christmas too with an eGifts: aren’t always just for presents

Treat yourself this Christmas too with an eGifts: aren’t always just for presents

Christmas is a special time of year – family and friends come together in celebration, creating moments that last a lifetime (especially when the champagne starts to pour!) It’s also a time of gift-giving, showing people how much you care.

When December rolls around each year, we all frantically hit the shops to find the perfect present for every person on our lists. However, after the last couple of years we’ve all had – with lockdowns, restrictions, various disruptions to our lives and experiencing increased uncertainty – perhaps we should all add an extra person to our gift lists too: ourselves.

It’s hard to argue that after undergoing a global pandemic that continues to rattle on, we all don’t deserve to treat ourselves we an extra special treat this year. And with global supply chains continuously being impacted by COVID, including shopping and stock, there’s really no better gift than an eGift card.

You can choose a brand you like, an area of interest or buy a future experience (hot air ballooning anyone?) Plus, when you need an extra pick-me-up, it’ll be right there and ready to use.

The great thing about eGift cards is the endless choice they offer. Giftz partners with a range of beloved brands and offers eGift cards across areas including VISA, eBay, streaming platforms, food & beverage, clothing & accessories, home, gaming, personal care & beauty products and entertainment. So, you’re bound to find ones you’ll like.

The newly launched eCommerce website Giftz offers an extensive range of choices of eGift cards that are easy, accessible and convenient to both purchase and use, making the whole process stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. Unheard of with Christmas shopping, we know!

You could grab yourself a VISA card and enjoy boundless opportunities, choose a particular brand you like or get one in an area of interest, such as sports, restaurants or video games. You could grab one for the cinemas to take yourself to a hot new release throughout the year, or one to buy new active wear for when those New Year resolutions come calling.

The opportunities are infinite and cater to just what you need to treat yourself, whether that’s with a touch of much-needed self-care or with a new product you’ve been eyeing off throughout the year. Whatever it is, it’s your chance to spoil yourself.

Plus, they couldn’t be easier to grab. The Giftz website is easy to navigate and features trusted security protection, backed by the Blackhawk Network, the worldwide Leader in Branded Payments. You can shop by occasion, recipient (including yourself!), brands or VISA. With just a few clicks, you’ll have your eGift card ready to go and be able to then use it whenever you want to get just what you want.

Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and giving to others but this year let’s also make it a time to give ourselves an extra bit of love with a personal gift. After all, we all deserve a treat or two too.

So, while you’re grabbing gifts and wrapping them up for your whole family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances that somehow make the list and Secret Santas, get something special for yourself with an eGift card too this year. You deserve it – we promise!

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