Frequently Asked Questions

Buying & Sending Gift Cards

How do I place an order?

You can shop online at any time and pay by credit card. Simply select the product you wish to purchase, choose the denomination, and fill out the sender and recipient details.

How do I check the status of an order?

You can check the status of an order by clicking on Sign In at the top of any page. After logging in, the My Account screen will appear. Click on the Order History section to review the status of your order.

Do I need to create an account prior to ordering and sending an eGift card?

No you do not. You will be given the opportunity to set up an account or checkout as a guest during the purchase process. Please keep in mind that if you checkout as a guest you will not be able to track your order.

How can I pay for my purchases?

We accept debit and credit cards from Visa® and MasterCard.

When will my recipient receive their eGift Card?

Most orders are delivered within 12 hours. It can sometimes take up to 48 hours from the time of purchase to review the order unless you specify a future delivery date.

For all card types, you will receive confirmation email for your order.

The recipient has not received the gift card?

Please check the email address provided for the recipient. The email address of the recipient can be found on the order confirmation email. If there is a discrepancy with the email address, please contact us. Please have your order number and the recipients email address ready.

What happens if I sent the gift card to the incorrect email address?

Please contact us and include the original email address and the new correct email address. We can try to resend the eGift Card again as long as the gift card information has not been exposed or used.

If the recipient accidentally deletes or loses the email, can the eGift Card email be resent?

Please submit your enquiry via contact us so we assist you.

Will my eGift Card get blocked or placed in the recipient’s junk folder?

Giftz use a leading digital email delivery system to ensure your eGift Card is delivered instantly and safely to the intended email account. However, if your recipient has not received their eGift Card, please request they check their junk folder or contact us if not located.

Where are the Terms and Conditions for the eGift Card?

Prior to purchasing an eGift Card please check you are happy with the Retailer's Terms and Conditions. This link is visible prior to purchasing your eGift Card on the product page.

Are there any restrictions on purchasing eGift Cards?

There are no restrictions to purchasing an eGift, however brands do have set denominations. Please refer to the specific brand’s product page to find out what denominations are available."

Can my gift card be cancelled or refunded?

Once the order has been placed, it is non-refundable. If the intended recipient does not receive their order or accidentally deletes their eGift, please contact us so we can assist in resending the eGift.

Receiving Gift Cards

Do I need to activate my eGift Card?

No, they are automatically activated at the time of purchase.

Can my eGift Card be used in store and online?

Please check the Terms and Conditions of the eGift Card you wish to buy before making your purchase. Each Retailer has their own Terms and Conditions and the Gift Card you buy will be governed by these terms.

How can I check the balance or value left on the card?

You can check their available balance on an eGift Card and view their transactions at any time by visiting

Are there any fees for using the card or checking its balance or transactions?

There are no fees for using the card. The entire balance on the card is for the cardholder’s use.

Do eGift Cards expire?

Please refer to each brand’s terms and conditions found on the brand’s product page prior to purchasing the card.

Do I need to activate my Only 1 Virtual Visa® card?

Please visit www.only1Visa® for information on how to use your Only 1 Virtual Visa® card.

How and where can I use my Only 1 Virtual Visa® card?

Please visit www.only1Visa® for information on how to use your Only 1 Virtual Visa® card.

How can I check the balance of my Only 1 Virtual Visa® Gift Card?

Please visit www.only1Visa® for information on how to check your balance and expiry.

Do Only 1 Virtual Visa® Gift Card’s expire?

Yes. Please visit www.only1Visa® for information on how to check your balance and expiry.

Gift Cards General

What delivery options do you have?

We only sell digital eGift Cards. The eGift Card is emailed to the recipient's email address. Please check your spam inbox if eGift has not shown up in your primary inbox.

Where can eGift Cards be used?

Most cards can be used at the brand's retail locations and online at their website. However, since every retailer is different, please refer to their specific redemption details found on each brand’s product page prior to purchasing the eGift card.

Do you sell plastic Gift Cards?

Giftz does not currently sell physical plastic gift cards, only digital gift cards.

Can eGift Card and Prepaid Gift Cards be reloaded with new funds?

No, our cards are single-load only.

Can I top up the value of my eGift Card or Prepaid Card?

No, cards are set in values and cannot be topped up.

Can eGift Card and Prepaid Gift Cards be used to get cash from an ATM?

No, our cards cannot be used at an ATM.

What is an Only 1 Virtual Visa® Gift Card?

The Only 1 Virtual Visa® card is a digital prepaid gift card, not a plastic card, but it functions like a Visa® gift card and can be used for purchases of goods and services online, over the phone or for mail orders where prepaid Visa® Gift Cards are accepted and processed electronically. Your Virtual Visa® card cannot be used at physical store locations. Great for recipients who love shopping online!

Currently, Only1 Virtual Visa cards are only able to be issued and used in Australia. The registration step requires the recipient to enter an Australian business or residential address.

If you require further assistance please submit your enquiry our customer service team or call us on 1800 958 296. Customer service hours are Monday to Sunday - 8am to 11pm - AEDT.

Our team can better assist you with your enquiry if you provide the below information:

  1. Order Number
  2. Your email
  3. Your recipients email
  4. The gift card you purchased.
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